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Take a picture or draw an angel, spiritual it here!

Here are a few angels. Ask them to help out.

Kaeylarae=angel of peace

Hamied=angel of miracles

Ongkanon=angel of communication

Micah=angel of divine plan

Phanuel=angel of hope

Stamera=angel of forgiveness

Iofiel=angel of beauty

Shushienae=angel of purity

Hadraniel=angel of love

Amarushaya=angel of blessings

Remliel=angel of awakening

Charmiene=angel of harmony

Nathaniel=angel of fire

Galgaliel=angel of vibration

Raphael=angel of healing

Ananchel=angel of grace

Zagzagel=angel of wisdom

Amitiel=angel of truth

Shekinah=angel of unity

Gabriel=angel of resurrection

Paschar=angel of vision

Chamuel=angel of adoration

Nisroc=angel of freedom

Uzziel=angel of faith

Sandalphon=angel of power

Jophiel-=angel of creative power

Israfel=angel of music

Ariel=angel of nature

Uriel=angel of ministration

Zadkiel=angel of prayer

Zacharael=angel of surrender

Anael=angel of sexuality

Remiel=angel of mercy

Metatron=angel of thought

Cerviel=angel of courage

Soqed Hozi=angel of partnership

Mihr=angel of relationship

BE Sure
TO GIVE THANKS, for the help of the angels!

Jamaerah=angel of manifestation

Old Catholic Chapel

Fortunata=angel of prosperity; Michael=angel of protection; Raziel=angle of knowledge

Ramaela=angel of Joy

Venetian Streets